Our Story


Bean Burst was created because of the difficulties in sourcing 100% natural, affordable quality skincare products.

Meet Jill! She is a proud mum of 2 boys and co‐founder of Bean Burst. Jill’s drive and determination to source 100% natural skin care products  started when she was unable to find effective affordable products for her family. Jill had tried many high street products over the years, as well as remedies that had been advertised as ‘natural’, only to find that many contained synthetic, harsh ingredients. Jill says “Once I began my research, I was shocked to read about the toxic risks posed by many of the chemicals and harsh ingredients contained within everyday skin care products. The lack of natural, skin friendly products encouraged me to create my own”.

Jill called upon her best friend Sarah to help. Together they began their journey; committed to sourcing quality skin care products. This commitment turned into a passion to create a trusted skincare brand that was safe, effective and 100% natural. Their product came in the form of an ethically sourced coffee scrub containing robusta coffee, pink himalayan salt and a number of high quality oils; virgin organic coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and ‘Africa’s miracle oil’ marula oil along with an essential oil; Sweet orange, Peppermint or Grapefruit to create three unique blends.

Together Jill and Sarah worked day & night, Jill says “what we created was not only a natural skin care product that helped dry skin, but also targeted acne, scarring, cellulite, stretch marks and psoriasis.” impressed by the effectiveness of their natural product, they decided to share what they had discovered.

Sarah’s hard work and creative skills went into overdrive to build a strong foundation for Bean Burst. Sarah says “We wanted to create a brand that was true to our beliefs, that captured our personalities and has an empowering, uplifting tone”.

On May 30th 2015 Bean Burst launched! Sarah says “The positive feedback we have received has been overwhelming, it’s what drives us to make a positive difference. We believe nature knows best and will continue to use only ethically sourced, natural ingredients in all of our products”.

Jill goes on to say, “It’s extremely satisfying to receive such heartfelt testimonials on how Bean Burst has helped to soothe irritable skin conditions. To know we can offer a natural alternative to most of the products on the market and make a true difference; it’s what this is all about”.


Bean Burst is a true labour of love.


We hope you join us on our exciting journey.

Much love, Jill & Sarah