I’m 100% natural, vegan & I love to make your skin feel tighter, firmer, perky & super smooth!


I’m the perfect ‘wake up call’!


My peppermint essential oil instantly uplifts and energises your mind and body, I also smell incredible too!


I’m known as the perfect ‘pick me up’ after a late night, I can help brighten tired and dull skin. So, if you have to be up and out early, I’m the one for you!


BTW… my peppermint blend can also help decongest blocked sinuses, so if youre suffering, use me as a face mask in a hot shower – steam and peppermint work wonders together.


TARGETS: Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Acne, Scarring & Dry Skin Conditions.


PLEASE NOTE: That customers with acne, eczema or psoriasis should avoid using this blend as it has stimulating and cooling effects on the skin.


  • In the shower:


    Simply get wet!


    Take a small handful of our scrub.


    Apply all over your body.


    Let our scrub do its magic (for best results leave on for 5-10 minutes).


    Rinse off and lightly towel dry your skin.


    There you go!


    Your skin will feel hydrated, moisturised at the deepest levels – resulting in a super silky smooth skin tone!


    Each 200g bag will last approximately 6-8 weeks when using it 2-3 times per week.