I’m 100% natural, vegan & I love to make your skin feel tighter, firmer, perky & super smooth!


I smell good enough to eat, just like orange chocolate!


I’m known for my calming effects on the mind to help unwind & des-tress you, why not use as a face mask in a relaxing bath with a cheeky glass of bubbles!


Oh!.. and I contain high amounts of vitamin C which helps keep your skin looking exfoliated, hydrated and moisturised, whilst I help tackle fade scars, cellulite & breakouts!


If you love keeping your skin in top condition then I am the beauty product is for you!


TARGETS: Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Acne, Scarring & Dry Skin Conditions.


  • In the shower:


    Simply get wet!


    Take a small handful of our scrub.


    Apply all over your body.


    Let our scrub do its magic (for best results leave on for 5-10 minutes).


    Rinse off and lightly towel dry your skin.


    There you go!


    Your skin will feel hydrated, moisturised at the deepest levels – resulting in a super silky smooth skin tone!


    Each 200g bag will last approximately 6-8 weeks when using it 2-3 times per week.